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Enterprise offices

Why hotdesking?

If not every employee is coming to the office every day, you can make your office more efficient by turning at least some desks into hotdesks! 
With remote work trends on the rise, in some cases, 100 people can work efficiently in an office of only 30 desks!

Easy hotdesking with DeskMe

DeskMe makes hotdesking experience pleasant for the users. They can always see how many available desks left in real-time and reserve the desk when they need it. 

DeskMe makes sure there is desk for you when you arrive. If the office is full, you know about it before coming, so you can choose to either work from home that day - or if you prefer - why not book a desk in the coworking office nearby? DeskMe can take care of that too!

Coworking offices

Easy booking experience

Make your meeting rooms, private offices and hot desks more available to the community members and guests by showing the real-time availability using a visual 3D office map interface. 

Serve more enterprise customers!

DeskMe removes the barriers for many enterprise employees to start using your coworking office! It supports company-specific deals, so that all employees are automatically given access and do not need to deal with payments as company can be invoiced for all employees at once, according to the agreed rates and actual usage.

If enterprise customer also uses DeskMe at thier own office, with DeskMe your coworking is like an extension of their office!


Take full advantage of your office!


Find and book a free hotdesk with a click! Whole day or an hour. Now or in the future. 
Easily find your colleaguees!

Visual interface

Visual real-time office map interface means an easy and natural user experience.

Meeting rooms

Book your meeting rooms using the same expereince! Supports two-way sync with Office 365 Exchange and 
Google Calendars.

Share more

Sleeping capsule? 
Parking place?
3D printer?

Share other resources!

Paid bookings

Bookings can be free or paid. We support Stripe and PayPal for credit card payments as well as payments by invoice and payments upon arrival.

IoT devices

DeskMe IoT pyramids for hotdesks indicate booking status with LED, allow instant desk bookings using a button, NFC key, or even automatic bookings using a presence sensor!

Meeting room screens

DeskMe meeting room screens communicate booking status with LED frame, allow instant room booking from screen anonymous or with NFC key. Help prevent no-shows, one-click to end meeting and more!

Info screen

Show real-time hotdesk availability on a big touch screen at the entrance!
Employees or community members can search for the available desk with required parameters, view available options by floor, choose and book in mere seconds by typing their name.

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